Honey, I’m Home…

This is the beginning, so it would seem, and yet I’ve been here for quite a while already. It’s been a very long time, far too long, and I’ll confess to be feeling a bit unsteady on my feet. But I’ve heard it said that the secret to writing is simply to write, so I’ll beg your indulgence as I take my first few stilted steps and cut through my cobwebs.

The underlying cause of my truancy is one that I can’t properly explain. It’s certainly not for lack of material; these past months have contained some of the most significant developments of – well, of my life, which sounds ludicrously hyperbolic, but such is the case.

Not that I’ve nothing to show for it, mind. While the website was left to wither, other creative distractions blossomed and bore fruit; a turn as a dedicated amateur photographer yielded no small amount of enjoyment (and even a small spark of recognition) from my efforts, and the latest theatrical endeavor is proving to be as challenging, unique and wonderful an experience as one could hope.

Be that as it may, board-treading and photography do not a blog post write. It has always been my intent to keep this little site up and running as much for my personal enjoyment as for the illumination and entertainment of any who may uncover it online, and so it’s time to unsheathe the mighty <ul> tag and whip together a wee bulleted list to catch everyone up on the events since last we met.

  • Home Ownership – I KNOW, RIGHT?!! Having held steadfast to the belief that home ownership was an option reserved exclusively for the highly organised, responsible, terribly grown-up or at least moderately well-to-do, I am now having to re-evaluate my theories based on the fact that I’m sitting in a cozy upstairs office in a semi-detached house in Edinburgh, looking out into a snowy backyard, revelling in the knowledge that we own every inch of it. 

    As a small aside for anyone who may recall the previous year’s tale of woe re: trees, you’ll be pleased to learn that Ally and I kept a promise to each other and, this year, did Christmas in style. It was special and wonderful for an entirely different set of reasons.

  • Guybrush the Cat – Guybrush, full name Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate Kitteh (named after a fictitious swashbuckler close to my heart), slinked into our lives mere moments after the ink on our mortgage papers had dried.She was a rescue cat who we understand had been mistreated by her previous owners. Some would take this information as a clear indicator to steer clear, but we were suckers for those big eyes. We’ve not regretted the decision for an instant, and each day see more of her personality emerge as she slowly settles into her new home and grows to accept this strange pair that seems so concerned with her happiness.
  • Project 365 – On November 21st, I uploaded the last photo of my Project 365 experiment to the web. The project (described here for those who may be interested) proved to be a wonderful creative outlet, and has left me with an eclectic photographic record of the past year.The project even led to a bit of localised recognition in the form of the Stockbridge 2011 Calendar, put out by Henderson’s Art Shop. This shot of a snowy day along the Water of Leith was selected for the calendar’s December entry. So yeah, thrilled, obviously.
  • West Side Story – The best, the most demanding, the most rewarding, I have saved for last.
    • July 19th – After a series of auditions, I’m offered the role of Tony in a production of West Side Story going up next January. Make no mistake – this is ridiculous. My bookish and introverted nature begins hemorrhaging immediately at the prospect of playing a leading man, and my diaphragm has a thing or two to say about the musical challenges I have inadvertently agreed to take on. 
    • September 15th – The first rehearsal. Pure, raw, terror of the type that can only be delivered by finding oneself standing meekly on one side of a room bursting with talent, energy and focus, and shyly admitting that yup, playing Tony. Yup.
    • September 19th – The photo shoot, wherein photographer, musician and all-round incredibly talented person Charlie Batchelor somehow enchants her equipment sufficiently to capture some stunning production photographs for the show. A general preference to remain right of the centre of attention is not helped by the fact that I would soon grace the front of a website, and later be made available in convenient pamphlet form. Again – this is ridiculous. Awesome, don’t get me wrong, but ridiculous all the same.
    • October – December – I love these people. Am continually intimidated, amazed and spellbound at their talent. Am perpetually thankful for the fact that I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of this show. Whether they know it or not, they’ve both pushed me and given me the confidence to try things I would never have believed I could attain. (Top A’s, for starters. Who knew??)

It has, on balance, been one hell of an amazing year. And with the next one set to start with a bang (January 18 – 22, book your tickets now, roll up roll up), 2011 is already looking good.

Until next time, then.

Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year,
Be Excellent to Each Other.

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