Level 26: +2 Modifier to Senility

I am happy to report that the 26th Annual Festival of Colossal Gratitude – that being my birthday – passed without any cataclysmic side-effects this past Sunday. Truly, a wonderful time was had in spite of the fact that I am still being pestered by a persistent sinus cold. Still, I appear to be through the worst of this annoyance and will hopefully be free of it shortly.

My dear darling wife surprised me on Saturday with an impromptu trip down to London for dinner and a show in the West End. We went to see The Mousetrap, Agatha Christie’s timeless whodunit – and also the longest running stage play in history, having first opened in November of 1952 and still going strong.

I got to spend Sunday exactly as I hoped – a bit of reading, a few cups of tea, and a stroll around town in the afternoon to more fully convince myself that Spring is truly arriving. We even took in a favourite Sunday tradition shared by many in town – a walk to The Orchard in Grantchester.

The Orchard is a tea garden in Grantchester a half hour’s stroll from Cambridge along the river Cam, and is absolutely steeped in history. It’s one of those magical places that has been left untouched by time since first opening over a hundred years ago, allowing visitors to lose themselves completely in the past for a short while as they sit outside under the shade of the fruit trees and enjoy a cup of tea and bite to eat.

Arriving back home, we partook in another pleasure and transported ourselves back to Middle Earth, having both decided that it was time to re-watch The Lord of the Rings – all 682 glorious minutes of it – in bite-sized chunks over the coming week.

All in all, it was a very happy, very quiet birthday.

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