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For all of you nerds up on the latest and greatest in web technology, I’ve decided to make this site more RSS-friendly. I’ve created a simple RSS feed file that will contain info on the latest post – nothing more than a dated title field and blank description (’cause frankly I can’t be bothered to copy over all of my content). My web-savvy days dried up back when framesets were still cool and CSS had yet to rear its head, so I’m keeping it nice and simple to ensure I don’t hurt myself.

Still, it’s enough to allow you to add me into your personalized Google pages and find out when I’ve updated the site.

The feed file is located here:

Nothing monumental has happened since last I posted, though there are certain developments in previously reported stories:

In business news…
My utter and complete refusal to leave the BBC after my week-long internship has paid off, and I’ve wrangled a longer-term (read: indefinite length) internship with them, working on their afternoon show. It’s still a non-paid gig, but it’s a start. Now all I need to do is make myself completely indispensable and then present my list of demands.

Moving to arts and entertainment…
My dreams of becoming a Cambridge choirboy, however, will not be realized, at least not with the group for whom I auditioned. Sadly, I received an email from them last week saying that I had not been selected to join their ranks. So, the search for a musical outlet continues.

And now onto the travel and sports report…
The days tick down to our spontaneous trip to Italy this coming Thursday. Both of our Canadian curling teams are still in the running for medals, and our men’s team has secured a place in the semi-finals by beating out the Americans earlier this afternoon. With any luck, we’ll be able to watch both of our Canadian teams in person from the sidelines. Be sure to watch for us in the Thursday and Friday matches! (We’ll be the dead-sexy pair decked out in Canadiana.)

Finally, the house-husband update…
Any aversions or fears I may have had concerning the admittance of a bread maker into the household were quickly blown away by the scent of the first freshly baked loaf of French bread that I whipped up a few days after its arrival. It’s an absolutely fantastic device, and works exactly as I would hope: Add Ingredients, Press Button, Wait, Eat. The only problem we face now is making enough of the stuff to sustain our eating habits – as it’s so delicious we’ve started eating far more of it, and our little machine can only spit out itsy bitsy little loaves. Worse yet, it comes with a whole recipe book of ideas, including one for “Chocolate Bread”. Clearly, we’re doomed.

The Hoover, however, remains in the closet. And frankly, unless it starts giving off a delightful aroma or begins to produce some sort of tasty comestible in an attempt to win my favour, it can stay there.

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