Coe Fen & King’s College

Firstly, I am happy to report that we are now the proud owners of a fully functional kitchen drain. The previously mentioned device did indeed work as advertised, and life has regained a certain level of normalcy (relatively speaking, of course). However, it saddens me to report that doing the dishes no longer holds that special thrill anymore. Having returned to being a fairly straightforward process, it just seems somewhat pedestrian and uninteresting. Perhaps I’ll start trying it while blindfolded. It’s never too late to learn a new skill.

It was a morning of chores – a visit to the bank in an ongoing attempt to open a local account, followed by a visit to our local surgery (medical clinic) in order to register myself with the national health program. One small victory along the way: I picked up a frequent-customer card at one of the local coffee shops. This somehow feels like a big achievement, coming from Vancouver. Only 11 more stamps to go.

After finishing up at the surgery a bit after 3pm, the sun was already starting to hide itself behind the trees. I found just enough time to take a neat meadow trail up to the back of King’s College (the Coe Fen trail) to snag a few pictures before losing the light.

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