We did.

On Dec. 30th, I married my long term girlfriend, Alison.

The service was performed in an itty-bitty little side-room of the Nanaimo Golf course, and an afternoon lunch reception followed in a private dining room overlooking the 18th hole.

We had a tiny wedding party, since with our move imminent there was no time to plan anything more substantial – and frankly, neither of us wanted a huge to-do. More often then not, events of those size can quickly shift the focus from the bride and groom to other matters of family. So it was that our wedding party of 9 people enjoyed a quick little ceremony and a nice lunch. All in all, things went fantastically well.

Or rather, things were going fantastically well, and all emotions were well controlled and under check until my brother springs a little surprise on us – he had written Ally and I a song for our wedding day.

And of course the song is absolutely beautiful.
And of course I cry like a little girl.

Ally’s folks put us up for two nights at the Tigh-Na-Mara Spa – Resort north of Parksville, a lovely swanky spot with all sorts of fancy services such as full manicures and mineral baths and sports pedicures the likes of which my body has never seen.

However, I must admit that while all of these services were offered to all guests, we spent most of our time using two amenities located directly within our lovely log cabin. Namely, the fireplace and the roof, because for the first night we were there the skies opened up and it poured without cease.

All the more reason to stay inside, nudge nudge.

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